DWA Synod 2018 Intensive Training Track: Community Development & Disciple-making Through Oikos and Deeply Rooted

The goal of this workshop is to equip and empower participants with a path to sharing the love of God with their friends, family, and neighbors. Although God has called for the Gospel to be shared in all peoples (Matt 28:18), for most of us that takes the shape of a few people in our lives. In his book 8 to 15: The World is Smaller than you Think, Tom Mercer calls this smaller circle of concern our oikos, a Greek word which means extended household. These are the people with whom God has particularly called us to invest and invite into the Christian life. Our workshop will help you identify your oikos, as well as how to invest in them so that we can have the joy of sharing in the Gospel harvest.

aRev Brian HughesFather Brian Hughes serves as the rector of Holy Spirit Anglican Church, San Diego. He obtained his degree from Trinity School for Ministry outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, graduating with his Masters of Divinity in 2012. Since graduating, he has served as an adjunct professor for Hebrew and Old Testament for Trinity. Father Brian also serves as volunteer staff for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, an organization which has challenged and inspired him to take a deeper look at the his own presence in his neighborhood, and how God would use him to reach those relationships.

Gabby ManriquezGabby Manriquez Gabby works as a campus minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. She works in the college campuses of South San Diego where she evangelizes, disciples, and develops student leaders to plant and lead bible studies on every corner of campus. Gabby also worked as the Pastoral Associate for Leadership Development at Holy Spirit Anglican Church where she oversaw the church’s small group ministry, and worked with leaders to plant and lead the various groups that meet throughout San Diego in order to share God’s love with their neighbors.

Click here for a full list of workshops.

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