How to Meet Your Neighbor–A DWA 2018 Synod Workshop

How to Meet Your Neighbor

Taught by: Jeff Bisgrove
Offered during: Workshop Session 2 11:40-12:30

For three hundred years after Jesus returned to the Father, His church grew despite intense persecution from practically every worldly power structure. It grew in large because everyday people radiated Jesus to other everyday people in their every day lives. No fancy buildings, no fancy evangelism programs, no hierarchy. In this workshop, we will explore what is means to do the same thing in our world, with the people God has planted us with. How can each of us everyday missionaries share Jesus in a practical, authentic and meaningful way with the people right around around – so that the Kingdom will grow?

jeff Bisgrove

Jeff Bisgrove left the Catholic church in his early teens, instead focusing on a living a secular, atheistic life. He has three Masters degrees (Physics, Electrical Engineering and Software Engineer) and he spent 25 years at Intel Corporation in California and Arizona. In 2000, he came to Jesus as part of an alpha class and has spent the last almost 2 decades trying to follow more closely after Jesus. After leaving Intel in 2010, Jeff now runs two Christian non profits. Both seek to expand the concept of Christians being active in every part of their lives to be disciples making disciples around the world, specifically using the approaches of Community Health Evangelism and Neighborhood Transformation.

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