Natural Disaster Network and Risk Management Preparation—Warden’s Cohort—DWA Synod 2018

Natural Disaster Network and Risk Management Preparation

Taught by: Myron S. Steeves, Rev. John C. King, Spencer E. Johnson

Taught during Workshop Session 2 — 11:40-12:30

This workshop will begin to form the core network for Sr. and Jr. Wardens and others responsible for planning and understanding the local church, church plant or fledgling disciple-gathering group dynamics and need for a potential emergency response plan prior to having an incident and the resultant liability.  Fr. King will present an actual model created for his members should a natural disaster occur and how they create a network to ensure every member is accounted for and have a safe location to retreat to should an evacuation be required.  Other emergency situations and planning will be highlighted to begin a conversation with all congregations of any size.  Our Chancellor will provide a brief overview of the legal liability issues involved and how best to address them for the local situation whether start-up, church plant, small-to-large congregation, and deanery.  Every rector should send at least one person to act as their point-person in this critical area of church life.

Myron S. Steeves is the Diocesan Chancellor and specializes in Church and Non-Profit Organizational Law. The Rev. John C. King is a  bi-vocational priest completing 29 years as a physician in the U.S. Navy; he previously served as Director of Medical Services and as Deputy Commander for a Navy humanitarian mission offering medical and disaster response services to 8 countries in Central/South America and the Caribbean.Spencer E. Johnson is President & Co-Chairman of the Diocese of Western Anglicans.


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