Full Schedule for the DWA 2018 Synod

Want to know what is happening when?  See below!

Synod: House of Delegates

Friday, October 26, 2018

THEME: Equipping the Local Church for Everyday Mission

4:30 pm Registration Table Opens (until 5:30pm)
5:00 pm Fellowship Dinner – The Commons All
7:00 pm Synod Opening Holy Eucharist
Sermon: The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach

Saturday, October 27, 2018

7:00 am Breakfast (At hotel/on your own)
7:30 am Registration Opens (until 9:30 am)
8:15 am Morning Prayer with music Trish Stewart
8:45 am Welcome: Delegates, Guests, New Congregations,New Church Plants, New Clergy Spencer Johnson
9:00 am The Mission Before Us ++Foley Beach
9:45 am Break
10:00 am State of the Diocese (35 mins) +Keith Andrews
10:00 am Intensive Training Tracks dismissal
Click here for details on the Intensive Training Tracks & Workshops
10:00-1:30 pm Discipling our Adults Through Quads/Triads Fr. James Linton and Fr. Scott Pedersen
10:00-1:30 pm Community Development & Disciple-making Through Oikos and Deeply Rooted Fr. Brian Hughes and Gabby Manriquez
10:35 am Session 1 – Workshops (55 minutes)
Room# Name of Workshop Leaders
Needs Based Evangelism Fr. Kevin Jones
Holistic Small Group Leadership Fr. Justin Read-Smith, RM Dean
Evangelism through Hospitality Caren Spilsbury and Jenna Vazquez
Healing Prayer Fr. Tim Laundrie
Alpha Fr. Peter Smith
Short-term Missions Fr. Rob Holman and Mark Kelley
Lay Missioner Introduction Bishop Keith Andrews
How to Get the Most Out of Bible Study Fr. Tom Phillips, AZ Dean
Reaching Hispanic People for Christ Fr. Juan and Maria Marentes
11:30 am Session 2 – Workshops and Ministry Leader Cohorts (55 minutes)
Room# Name of Workshop Leaders
How to Meet Your Neighbor Jeff Bisgrove
Wardens Cohort: Disaster Preparedness Fr. John King, Spencer Johnson, and Myron Steeves
Intercessors Cohort: Intercessory Prayer Sue Ellen Warren
Life Ministry Cohort: Starting a Life Ministry Deacon Georgette Forney
Youth Ministers Cohort Eric Overholt
Children’s & Family Disciplers Fr. James Linton
Treasurers Cohort Cindy Drennan
Worship Leaders Cohort Chuck Maggs
Church Administrators Cohort Nioma Gardner and Jenna Vazquez
Adult Disciplers Dcn. Mat Allen and Ryan Eddingfield
Missions Team Leaders Cohort Fr. Rob Holman and Mark Kelley
12:25 pm Noonday Prayer with Song Jesse Sandoval
12:40 pm Lunch
1:15 pm ARDF Presentation Frank Woods
1:35 pm House of Delegates Meeting – Call to Order Spencer Johnson
Registrar’s Report: Quorum Declared
Approve Minutes
Executive Committee – Candidates and Election Spencer Johnson
Crozier Society +Keith Andrews
Approve Canon Changes Spencer Johnson
Finance Report Cindy Drennan
House of Delegates Receives 2019 Budget
Recognize Executive Committee Spencer Johnson
Announce Election Results
Closing Remarks
4:00 pm Closing Prayer with Music +Keith Andrews



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