Missio Iesu December 2018: Reaching the Campus

Reaching the Campus! 

Gabby Manriquez  is a Campus Staff Minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in South San Diego. This year she is, equipping, and training students that will be leading bible studies for Latino students at San Diego State.  Here, she writes about the InterVarsity Fall Conference in Catalina and the transformations she saw there.

Please share their story with your church.

The university shapes the ideas, leaders, and culture that define our world. We focus our ministry on campus so these world-changers – every student, every faculty – can hear and be transformed by the gospel. In the decade after college only 25% of students from Christian homes will return to the church.

My role is to reach, disciple, and develop college students as they try to live out their faith during their college years. My primary focus is to work with students across San Diego. InterVarsity is committed to developing leaders who serve the campus community with the love of Jesus Christ as they explore God, scripture, and what it means to be a college student living out their faith.

Every year during the fall, students attend Fall Conference at Catalina Island for a weekend. Fall conference is a space where non- Christians can get to know Jesus and are invited into a relationship with him. This year 132 college students from San Diego attended our Fall Conference! The students were all challenged to choose wonder over contempt and to let themselves be open to what Jesus wanted to do in their lives. We had small groups that were led by student leaders and different seminars and talks that gave students an opportunity to encounter Jesus. By the end of the weekend 26 students made a faith decision!

One of these students was Ivan! Ivan is a freshmen and had a really hard time transitioning to college. He grew up as a Christian but since he started college he spent a lot of his time drinking, smoking, and partying. He decided to come to Fall Conference even though he had been feeling really distant from God. As the speaker invited students to let goof the things that were keeping them from fully following Jesus, Ivan broke down, and repented for the ways he had chosen his own path and recommitted his life to Jesus!

Praise God for these 26 students that just like Ivan, had deep encounters with Jesus and made faith decisions that will impact their entire college careers!

This ministry could not happen without faithful supporters that allow ministry to exist on college campuses. Will you join us in the mission?

PRAY for our students leaders, staff, and all the students at SDSU.

VOLUNTEER- Come to campus and help us as we reach thousands of college students!

GIVE- In order for me to minister on campus I need to raise a budget of$60,000. God has provided so much! I am in need of $880/month. If you would like to join my support team, or give a one-time gift you can do so by clicking this link.

Thank you,

Gabby Manriquez


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