Six Peaks: Peak 2–Diocese of Western Anglicans Mission in Belize

Father. David and Mary Beth Alenskis

Fr. David and Mary Beth Alenskis

Greetings from Belize

Ministry here is in full swing as we head into the Fall season. Fr. David continues to pastor St. Andrew’s Church in San Ignacio, and St. Hilda’s Mission in Georgeville. One of our goals serving here in Belize is to help build up disciples who make disciples, and we are seeing that start to take shape.

While pastoring two churches, and three additional schools, we have found that our biggest work here has been with the youth. The three Anglican schools in our area are; St. Andrew’s, St. Hilda’s, and St. Barnabas’ where we lead biweekly chapel services for the different grades, and then each Sunday is designated to a specific grade as a “Family Sunday” where we get to know the kids and their families even better as we worship together. Not only have we have seen St. Andrew’s youth group grow from around 10 kids to over 20, we have seen older youth stepping up to lead. We have two teenage girls serving as lay ministers that lead Bible studies and work in the preparation of confirmands. What started off as a couple of nervous girls who hadn’t read much of the Bible has now turned into girls who are excited to study the Word and happy to lift one another up in prayer.

We are excited to see everything God has planned for us and the people of Belize going forward!

Prayer Requests

• Pray that God would help us not only to survive in Belize but to genuinely thrive in body, mind, and spirit.

• Pray that God would pour out his Spirit on new Belizean leaders in preparation for dramatic revival and growth in the Church.

• Pray that God would preserve, bless, and keep in peace our critical relationships with church leaders, parishioners, and other members of the wider community.

• Pray that God will raise up new support for a big step-up in our financial need

Six Peaks takes place on February 9. Download the prayer guide here.

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