Six Peaks: Peak 3–Diocese of Western Anglicans University Mission

Father Ernest and Lalitha Victor
Fr. Ernest and Lalitha Victor

 Some statistics of the Arizona State University:

  • It is the largest university in the USA and the world.
  • Presently it has students from 136 nations
  • The student population in its four campuses is around 80,000.
  • There are around 21,000 online students.

The ends of the earth are at our doorsteps and we need to pray that we will make the best of the opportunities afforded to us in terms of the “Great Commission”. Amen.

We meet weekly for worship service and dinner. During the week we meet informally for prayer and Bible study. We go on special trips with students, and also invite them to our home for meals and Bible study. We are attracting students from around the world including Americans, Indians, Chinese, Gulf Arabs, Kenyans, and Nigerians.

Prayer Requests

  • For Alpha course with an intention of drawing more national students to be part of Anglican Campus Fellowship
  • For international Anglican students particularly from Africa to join ACF
  • For un-churched community around the university to be invited to ACF
  • For unreached student and community around Arizona state University to be reached with the gospel.

Six Peaks takes place on February 9. Download the prayer guide here.

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